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FORD Uni-FlangeĀ® UFA900-C-8 UFA900-C Adapter Flange, 8 in Pipe, 8 Flange/2 Clamping Bolts, Ductile Iron

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Ford UFA900-C-8


The Series 900 Adapter Flange joins plain-end PVC pipe to valves, pumps, meters and virtually all types of liquid and process equipment. The flange provides a power-tight, rigid flanged connection; it eliminates solvent welding, tie rodding, harnessing and other forms of restraint. The 900 Adapter Flange also facilitates maintenance of flanged systems and equipment - simply loosen the bolts and remove the flange. The 900 Adapter Flange provides positive end restraint with a series of serrations on the inside of the flange. When the two flange halves are brought together by tightening the clamping bolts, these serrations lock the flange onto the pipe. The exclusive dual seal gasket is then added (no other gasket is necessary). Tightening the flange bolts compresses the gasket against the facing flange and down onto the pipe surface, providing a leak-proof seal.

FORD Uni-FlangeĀ® Adapter Flange, Series: UFA900-C, 8 in Pipe, 9.05 in OD, 8 Flange/2 Clamping Bolts, 3/4 x 3-1/4 in Bolt, Ductile Iron, For Use With: Ductile Iron Pipe, 13-1/2 in Dia x 1-7/8 in THK

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  • Gasket is EPDM and is suitable for water, wastewater, ozone's and strong oxidizing chemicals