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Sharkbite® SB08414128 2XL Large Diameter Reducing Tee, 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1", Push-Fit, Brass, Import

  • PN: 475467
  • UPC: 697285024977
  • MPN: SB08414128
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Sharkbite® SB08414128


Sharkbite® Reducing Tee, Large Diameter, Series: 2XL, Fitting/Connector Type: Tee, 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 1 in Nominal, Push-Fit, 200 psi, 20 to 200 deg F, Brass, Import



  • The SharkBite® Connection System is an instant push-fit connection that connects copper tubing, CTS CPVC and PEX pipe in any combination
  • Quick connect: No tools, soldering, clamps, unions or glue required, cut pipe square, de-burr to remove rough edges/debris, mark the pipe for correct depth and push to get a pressure ready connection every time
  • Quick disconnect: Disconnect in seconds by sliding the de-mount tool down the pipe to engage the demount lugs and rotate clockwise to lock the open position leaving both hands free, you can now remove the pipe
  • Safe-recessed release collar: Commercial SharkBite® require a special Demount Tool and cannot be accidentally disconnected/released
  • Wet or dry: No waiting for copper tube to dry before soldering or glue to cure, SharkBite® makes an instant connection in seconds
  • No tools: Unlike alterative tool intensive connections systems, SharkBite® has no special tooling required for installation
  • No time: Fastest connection - cut-push-done, easy access to small or con ned places, no flame - does not require re permit or re marshal
  • No waste: Should you make an error or simply want to change your installation, no problem for SharkBite®, Simply remove and re-use (Fittings used for repeated testing must not be used in any permanent application)
  • Fittings cannot be disassembled: SharkBite® commercial fitting are factory assembled and components cannot be removed
  • Long pipe engagement: Provides pipe support against lateral pipe forces
  • Lead free (LF) dezincication resistance (DZR) brass: Exceeds current no lead legislation - AB1953 or NSF372, suitable for underground installation subject to local code authorities/inspectors, Dezinci cation properties (DZR) exceed ISO6509 and NSF-1
  • Environmentally friendly: Remove and re-use fittings, no need to be scrapped, no heat is required for installation
  • Extensive range including slip feature on couplings and tee's: When repairing or tapping into existing pipe with "Push-Fittings" you must be able to either move the fitting or the pipe to ensure the pipe is engaged fully into the fitting, With rigid pipe like copper the only way with "Push-Fittings" is to have a SLIP feature to allow easy installation when tapping into existing pipe
  • Easy installation: Unlike the tool intensive connection methods there is no need to send multiple fitters to a job, SharkBit commercial has been designed to be installed or removed by one person, All ttings are lubricated for easy connection and by fitting the de-mount tool before engaging the pipe the force required can be reduced further, with the de-mount Tool locked on you also have hands free disconnection